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We all are murderers but how?

Every forty seconds a man is voluntarily embracing death. According to data provided by suicide prevention agencies, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds.

But I don’t consider it suicide. It’s a murder. A tradition was read in a religious book. A person is punished for murder after death. He murmurs in astonishment that I have never stoned anyone. How can I take my life but there is no hearing. The book of Acts reveals that the offender had uttered words that could have killed someone. This tradition is instructive.

It applies to all of us and there is evidence that suicide is murder. Calling it haraam death and placing its burden on the death will not wash away their share of sins.

October is Mental Health Awareness Month. A healthy mind can never think of ending its life because it knows that life is a great blessing. But it is not just the individual’s hand or role in shaping a healthy mind. Family, friends, society together cause confusion and confusion of mind.

Each of us is fighting a battle of life in one way or another. Some are suffering from poverty, some are suffering from health problems, some are suffering from social problems. During this war, we move forward with our help. It may be difficult to imagine the help of someone else, but all that can be done is not to ignite the fire of someone else’s war.

Dana says you can’t fall, you can fall. Multiplication of words is very useful. Be sure to consider the words when talking to a stranger, a relative, a stranger, or a relative. If it is necessary to say a bitter word, then the accent can be mixed in it. To know the importance of words, I translate the English proverb into Urdu a little inappropriately.

Three beautiful words … Can heat three winters. Encourage people with your words to feel frustrated with life. Rest assured, these words will not go empty. It saves a life for you. Will return as a life-saving reward. The soft words heard by others are the arrows that will help you fight the battle of your life.

Play your part in preventing suicide. Soften heart and tongue

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