Ukraine conflict: Biden and Putin warn each other.

Biden has warned Putin that new sanctions could be imposed on Moscow if Russia takes further military action against Ukraine. Putin responded by saying that any such move could lead to the end of bilateral relations.

The two leaders talked for about an hour on Thursday night, according to the Associated Press (AP). This is the second such telephone conversation between President Biden and President Putin this month, ahead of talks between the two countries’ officials on the Ukraine conflict on January 10 in Geneva.

According to the AP, the two presidents had an open discussion on the Ukraine conflict. The crisis is exacerbated by an increase in the number of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. The Kremlin has tightened its grip on border security guarantees and has tested hypersonic missiles to enforce its demands.

Biden vs Putin

According to the French news agency AFP, President Biden and Putin talked openly and did not try to hide their differences.

White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said in a statement that President Biden had made it clear that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States and its allies and partners would respond decisively to Moscow. He added: “President Biden has reiterated that significant progress in these negotiations is possible only if they are conducted in a peaceful, rather than tense, atmosphere.” Top officials from both countries are due to meet in Geneva on January 10 to discuss the Ukraine conflict.

Yuri Oshakov, the Kremlin’s foreign policy adviser, told reporters that Washington’s repeated threats of economic sanctions in response to the invasion of Ukraine “would be a serious mistake. it will not happen.”

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