The US dollar once again reached the highest level in Pakistan’s history

Karachi: The value of the US dollar has reached a new high level in the history of the country, the dollar has crossed Rs 175 in the interbank market and 176 in the open market.
According to the details, the high flight of the US dollar could not be stopped. On the last day of the business week, the value of the dollar was recorded in the interbank and open market and the value of the dollar remained at a record level.
Forex dealers said that since the beginning of trading, the value of the dollar has risen by Rs 16 paise, after which the dollar has crossed 175 and is trading at Rs 175 35 paise from Rs 174 19 paise.
According to Forex dealers, the dollar is currently trading at Rs 176.50 in the open market.
It may be recalled that in four days, the dollar has risen by Rs 5.42 against the rupee. Earlier, on October 26, the dollar had touched Rs 176.26 in the interbank market.

US Dollar

Ahreen says that the delay in the installment given to Pakistan by the IMF has put pressure on the interbank market once again, which has caused the dollar to start rising again.
It may be recalled that after the approval of Saudi Arabia to give 3 3 billion to Pakistan, the value of the dollar was recorded to be reduced. Saudi Arabia will also pay 1. 1.20 billion for the late payment of oil.

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