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EU may impose more sanctions on Belarus

According to the German Foreign Minister, the imposition of sanctions on Belarus is the most important topic in the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers. Belarus and the European Union are currently embroiled in controversy over the issue of refugees.

According to German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss, a meeting of EU member states convened on Monday is expected to impose additional sanctions on some Belarussian officials. We will discuss possible new sanctions in the context of these concerns.

The European Union (EU) has accused Belarus of continuing to deport Middle Eastern migrants to the border with Poland in order to allow them to enter the bloc.

Sanctions on Belarus

Speaking to reporters before attending a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels, Haiko Moss said: “At the moment, we have not yet reached a point where sanctions are likely to be lifted.” He also warned companies to refrain from transporting migrants to Minsk or their flights would be blocked from landing at European airports. According to Haiku Moss, what appears to be happening in Minsk is an inhumane act, with refugees being used as a tool to put pressure on the EU, and the situation has worsened in recent days.

The purpose of the sanctions :
EU foreign ministers could also target airlines and travel agents in the new round of sanctions.

According to EU officials, the EU’s assets will be frozen and travel bans will be imposed on anyone who comes under sanctions. The names of those counted in the sanctions could be revealed in the coming days.

The influx of thousands of refugees along the Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian borders with Belarus has exacerbated the border situation.

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