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Discovery of biological laboratory in Ukraine

Ukraine Russia-Russia war has reached a new turning point, with Russian officials revealing a biological research laboratory in Ukraine.

According to foreign media reports, the presence of biological laboratories in Ukraine has been revealed and the United States has also acknowledged these facilities.

During a briefing in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the senator raised the question. Whether Ukraine has chemical and biological weapons. State Department Under-Secretary Victoria Nuland replied that there was a biological research facility there.

Biological laboratory in Ukraine

US officials say they are concerned that Russian forces are trying to seize the facilities, and are working with Ukrainian authorities to ensure that biological research materials are in the hands of Russian forces. Did not come

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, US-funded biological laboratories contain deadly viruses such as plague and anthrax.

Russian officials added that the United States should clarify, the world wants to know what is the purpose of the biological research lab in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities have ordered scientists to destroy the deadly virus, while Russia has released documents related to the virus.

On the other hand, China has demanded an explanation from the United States when it came across a biological lab in Ukraine.

According to a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, the presence of a dangerous virus in bio-laboratories in Ukraine was discovered. The United States was using biological laboratories in Ukraine for military purposes.

Moreover he said that the US should clarify what kind of virus was present in those laboratories. There is 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries under US control.

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