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Corona’s fifth wave accelerates, the NCOC warns the public

ISLAMABAD: The NCOC has expressed concern over the rapid rise of the fifth wave of Corona, saying that the rate of Corona positive cases in Karachi has increased from 2% to 6%, citizens must wear masks.

According to details, a meeting of NCOC was held under the chairmanship of Federal Minister Asad Umar and Major General Zafar Iqbal. Minister for Economic Affairs Omar Ayub and Health Advisor Dr Faisal Sultan also attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed the overall situation, spread and national vaccine strategy of Corona across the country, the NCOC agreed on strict measures regarding vaccination.
According to the NCOC statement that in the case of Omi Kroon, the fifth wave of Corona is increasing rapidly. In three days, the rate of Corona cases in Karachi has reached 2 to 6%. ۔

The NCOC also considered the district-wise corona vaccination campaign and directed the provinces to expedite the corona vaccination campaign.

The NCOC directed the provinces to ensure that vaccination targets are achieved at the district level and that in view of the rapid spread of corona, citizens must wear masks and take care of civic social distance.

The NCOC has directed citizens to be vaccinated against coronavirus on a priority basis.

Corona's fifth wave accelerates, the NCOC warns the public

اسلام آباد : این سی او سی نے کورونا کی پانچویں لہر تیزی سے بڑھنے پر اظہار تشویش کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ کراچی میں کورونا مثبت کیسز کی شرح دو فیصد سے بڑھ کر چھ فیصد ہوگئی، شہری ماسک ضرورپہنیں۔

تفصیلات کے مطابق وفاقی وزیر اسد عمر اور میجر جنرل ظفر اقبال کی زیرصدارت این سی او سی کا اجلاس ہوا، وزیر اقتصادی امور عمر ایوب اور مشیر صحت ڈاکٹر فیصل سلطان بھی اجلاس میں شریک ہوئے۔

اجلاس میں ملک بھر میں کورونا کی مجموعی صورتحال ، پھیلاؤ اور قومی ویکسین حکمت عملی پر غور کیا گیا، این سی او سی نے ویکسینیشن کے بارے سخت اقدامات پر اتفاق کیا۔

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