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Capital Assault Case: Trump Gets Big Victory Against Biden Administration

According to foreign media reports, Trump has received a stay order against the Biden administration in the capital attack case in the United States.
Former President Trump has filed a petition against the submission of personal records for investigation, on which a federal court has granted a stay order till November 30 on Trump’s emergency petition.
US President Biden has lifted the presidential immunity for presenting Trump’s personal record, a congressional committee had called for the record to investigate the January 6 attack.

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Earlier, former President Donald Trump was acquitted in the US Senate on charges of rioting on Capitol Hill and inciting a mob. It should be noted that this was the second case of impeachment against Donald Trump. If he had been convicted, the US Senate could have voted to bar him from running for re-election.
It may be recalled that on January 6 this year, five people were killed and hundreds were injured in an attack on the Congress of Trump supporters.

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